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cross-chain router

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Ravikant Capital
Shima Capital

All cross-chain
routes in one interface

Be sure that you will make a
cross-chain transfer in the
most efficient and safe way


on Ethereum


on Arbitrum

Safety first

Bridges' watchdog

We analyze bridges' transactions and automatically disable those hacked or lacking liquidity

Security score

Conduct a research about the bridge according the decentralization, the actuality of audits and existence of centralized relayers


Move gas between any networks in 1 click

Passed audit

Audit by Pessimistic successfully passed in Q4 2022. Next one is scheduled for Q2 2023

Advanced routes

Transfer tokens between any two networks, even if there is no direct bridge between them

Supported Bridges, DEXs, Aggregators

All popular bridges and aggregators in one interface

A lot

We support most of them

Smart sorts

Choose the best route considering all possible attributes


Continue a transaction in another ecosystem wallet, see balances and history for all your wallets at one time

Filter for bridges & DEXs

Search for routes through selected bridges or DEX without trade offs in decentralization


Flexibly adjust the slippage without fear of an unexpected loss of a significant percentage

Current duration

Be sure of the duration of the transaction due to the dynamic calculation on historical data

Gas usage estimation

We estimate gas on historical data for fair competition among bridges and aggregators

Recipient address

Send tokens to a friend or protocol to an address on another network

Route Rescuer

We disable a route if you don't have enough gas for the second transaction

Multilingual translation

Use the interface in your native language

Route's preview

Quickly preview the best route with all its attributes

Advanced routes
for all ecosystems

Seamlessly move tokens between ecosystems, even if there is no direct bridge

Transaction tracking

Be sure that the money is on the way and will arrive at the appointed moment.

Progress bar

Track the transaction on the progress page

Push notifications

Subscribe to browser notifications to receive transaction status updates

Dynamic title

Don't be afraid to go to another page and miss the second transaction

Your favorite wallets

All major wallets with the ability to keep connected all at the same time

For developers

The most potent SDK with all aggregators and security features


Show routes 5 times faster than with other aggregators SDK

Selected clients

Safe mode

Don't worry about hacks and bridge bugs. Your users will not encounter them

Exclude receiving via SDK

Hacked bridges
Bridges with lack of liqudity
Centralized bridges
Centralized relayers

Grant program

Grant program for wallets & multichain dapps

Ideal for Multichian wallets, Porfolio trackers, Yeld aggregators, Trading bots, Rebalasers, Cross-chain zaps

Web3 Wallets library

Wallets for 6 ecosystems with multiconnect

Multichain trusted token standard

Tokenlist of trusted tokens across 25 chains

Cross‑chain aggregation protocol, 2022
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